Escort Vehicles and Abnormal Load Escorts

We have many years of experience of specialist haulage and of what is required in terms of route selection, planning, authorisation and exemptions. Our planning is based on the carrying capacity, clearance etc. of roads and bridges. We often organise all of the road haulage.

If a vehicle or vehicle train, with or without load, has to be wider, longer or heavier than what the basic regulations permit, then exemption for the transportation in question must be applied for. The transportation must be escorted by one or more escort vehicles. In the event of a width over 450 cm, a length over 35 metres, and with high gross weights, it is normally stipulated that the transportation must be escorted by the police or abnormal load escorts who are authorised by the Swedish National Police Board.

The abnormal load escort have the same entitlement as the police to give instructions using police signals to other road users in order that the transportation can be conveyed safely through the traffic. Road users are obliged to follow instructions given by the abnormal load escort.

Our abnormal load escorts are authorised by the Swedish National Police Board.

You can find more information on transportation exemption on the Swedish National Road Administration’s Website, HERE.